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Well this video will be followed by an update. I promise. Not today, maybe, but I'll try my best. LMAO YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS.

BTW due to content this journal has been switched to private.
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 This is a great video. I love the song and the video so I'm sharing that with you if you want to see. Now heres the FOB I promised thats funny.

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I think this one is funnier 

LOL enjoy

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LMAO I just changed my icons and I thought I'd post up this funny video i found.

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Well I got no internet or computer so IDK whens the next time  post. Things are great here. I'm not really homesick I'm surprised by this fact actually. I've been feeling lonely sometimes bcuz I really dont fit in with these ppl. At the same time I do but I feel like I don't. The ppl I'm hanging out with have their own friends which makes me feel like a third wheel. I dont have friends of my own. (I'm in a hurry so sorry this is short but it isn't even my computer and look how late it is.)  I havent started classes yet so thats great bcuz nadia you're right, the academic part of it is overwhelming. I've been here for 4 days and I think I already selected a possible love intrest LOL. This is a hard choice bcuz everyday I see new intresting choices, and boy are they interesting choices! I think I'm going to suffer from whiplash with all these opportunities I'm seeing. Idk what else to say.....OMG I SAW THE FOOTBALL TEAM and they lived up to my expectations! They look even better in person! LOL I'm boy crazed. I'll update fully on all my days here when I get my own laptop, which is soon (I hope). Until then take care ppl.


Colors in my new nole spirit
and my ID looks horrible LOL

Last post from M-I-A
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So things haven't turned out right today. I was supposed to be gone...let me rephrase that...I was been supposed to leave but due to complications, but when aren't there complications in my life, I still haven't left. I am leaving to Tallahassee today though. I will be disconnected for a while until I get a laptop, yea I still didn't get one. Hopefully I'll be getting my cellphone back soon bcuz that will be my only way of communication. So for now I have no communication until I get myself to a library over there. I'm just letting you ppl know of my absence. No I haven't died, nor have I forgotten anyone I just don't have a way to communicate from over there to over here. The next time I post will be from FSU so ppl take care and remember me *tear*...I'll try to post a.s.a.p


O yea in case I cannot post sooner remind me when the potter book and movie comes out and DON'T WATCH THE MOVIE without me LOL.

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Soooooooooo I'm leaving in 4 days and who would have thought transportation was a big issue??? Maybe I'm just the only one who thinks of that last. I finally got over my fear and am almost ready (as in packed) but now I might not be able to leave LMAO. Life is full of ironies. 


Words from a High School Graduate....
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LOL. I can't believe I'm a graduate. Part of me still thinks I'll be returning to Torture Tech.

I seem to be better. I was trying to find my latest entry in which I'm sure I was having a meltdown bcuz I was leaving. I seemed to have braced this fear and am no longer falling apart. This is the best thing thats happened to me, don't kno how I'll make it financially but I'll find a way. I'm leaving in a week and some days. I will admit I'm still scared of leaving but it's normal to feel this way bcuz one doesn't know what to expect. I'm actually being optimistic about this whole situation.... I'm so proud of myself! Me being optimistic??? I kno! Thats why I'm proud of myself.... I'm no longer suffering from anxiety attacks, for a while I was, and am actually as content as I can be. I'm sure ppl were sick of reading my "I-dont-want-to-leave-boo-hoo" entries but you'll be glad to kno it's over, for now. Kidding.

On other news a chapter in my life has closed to open a new one. Just like the last chapter that has closed I promise I'll read the last potter chapter b4 I Ieave. "you still haven't read that?" LOL. I'm getting to it. I'll read it b4 the last book comes out. Man this seems to be the year of lasts. Last Potter book, Last POTC movie, idk wat else is last. (That whole lasts thing seemed to be a good idea when I wrote it.) Idk wat else to comment on. School ended. No more Turner Tech.

And now I'm just rambling. This entry should have had more wise things on the count of its title but it has none. I am fine now, my sanity is still left there somewhere, and I'm still alive and doing great. 


P.S I'll be joining the myspace! LOL.

Prom Nite 07
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Well saturday was prom and it was awesome!!! (my dress was the color of this font)

LOL I did show up late, yes I kno I have a horrible curse in which I must always be late, but it wasn't my fault. Seriously this time it really wasn't. The lady who does my hair had a "family emergency" so the lady who works with her had to do our hair, nadia's and mine, and she doesn't know how to do hair styles for shit. So I had to come home and fix the mess she made on my hair so it could look decent. But she used a whole bunch of this, nadia called it, "helmet hair spray" that took quite a while to fix, I had to fight with my hair. In the end my mom and I fixed it so it could look decent but I didn't love it. I would do just the hair part over if I could. Prom started at 7 pm promptly and we arrived at 8:40 pm LOL. I was only worried we would be the only ones who would walk in while everyone was sitting which would provoke stares. But we weren't the only ones who came late so I got over it. I ate, hurriedly becuz the waiter seemed to be rushing us. I'm still mad about my cheesecake, I couldn't get my cheesecake becuz we had to take pictures so the waiter ppl took that as "they aren't coming back" and they didn't serve us cheesecake :'( I love cheesecake! 

A lot of ppl looked nice. I was surprised becuz it hadn't hit till that night was almost over that this was senior year and we weren't coming back next year. I guess I keep thinking we're coming back next year. Certain boys can clean up nicely ^_~ LOL. And I danced my ass off. I love dancing but I only do it when I'm in family becuz I kinda feel shy. But at prom I let loose, LOL, and Nadia too which is wat surprised me most of all. Boy can nadia dance. Maybe she can be persuaded to go clubbing.....LOL

IDK wat else to talk about....

The Exam That Didn't Happen
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Well today I was scheduled to take the ACT but wasn't allowed to take it.
I got there late.
I had to go by train bcuz my parents work and the car was messed up, besides the train drops you off right infront of the school anyway. Well the damn train left the station just as I was entering and the train runs every 30 mins today. I had to wait for the next train which came at around nearly 8 and by the time I got there it was near 8:30 so I just came back home instead. Damn train.

On other news there were 2 cute guys on the train as I was coming back. LOL. You should have expected I would check out guys after something bad has happened.

Spring break 3/30/07- 4/8/07
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NOTE: My previous entry was erased!!! I won't write everything all over again. Only wat I remember....which is not very much.

Well Spring break has come and gone, much to my dismay, and I've yet to do the things I wanted to do. Damn! I'm going to just stop planning things over the break that way I don't regret it when I don't get it done. Only a few more weeks till school is officially over! It's bitter sweet at the same time I want to leave but at the same time I dont want to be thrust into the real world. 

This spring break I didn't do anything productive, LOL. I read fanfics, and watched tv. It was great! If only we had one more week, nadia we never had 2 weeks of spring break. The only part I'm going to miss is waking up when I want and reading fanfics...LOL...I need a life. Well thats all that happened during my spring break. I should have done many other things but I neglected them. This really was a waste of an entry but I needed to remember it so that maybe next year I finally do something...LMAO I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. Don't be surprised if the entry looks just like this one LOL....Hope you ppl had a great spring break.

~ Gin


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